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Innovation through finance

Established Entrepreneurs

Our founding team has over 75 years of financial services and capital investment experience, with a proven track record of disrupting established incumbents and sectors, ranging from direct lending to asset and wealth management. We believe that challenging the status quo drives innovation and ultimately results in greater choice and economic freedom for end-users.
Creating Value

Capital Step follows this trend of innovation and disruption through the introduction of a pioneering funding solution for UK MMEs, aimed at increasing the options available to them, whilst simultaneously delivering a great user experience. Our primary objective is to help unlock value for shareholders and business owners, who ultimately become our long-term partners, thereby ensuring that our interests are aligned with theirs.

Permanent Capital, Without Losing Control

As both investors and entrepreneurs, we have witnessed countless examples of business owners having to give up control of their companies in exchange for funding. In many instances, even successful founders end up with a disproportionately small reward for their hard work upon exit as a result of having sacrificed too much ownership and control along the way. The Capital Step model is specifically designed to address this issue, by providing flexible capital solutions without existing shareholders having to give up ownership or independence in exchange.

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