Capital Step invests in Admedo Limited, an innovative and disruptive digital media platform, to fund its continued growth in the UK and abroad.

Capital Step is pleased to announce its investment in London-based Admedo, a high-growth “adtech” business, specialising in the automated purchasing of targeted digital advertising.

The Company has successfully developed a custom-built platform that allows digital media buyers to manage multiple advertising exchanges through a single, highly customisable interface.

Further to the significant investment in its platform to date, Capital Step’s liquidity will assist in supporting and accelerating Admedo’s growth trajectory beyond cashflow breakeven, allowing it to roll its platform out to an increasingly large and high-profile client base.

Capital Step’s Revenue-based investment into Admedo represents a typical “Equity Bridge” transaction, whereby growth companies leverage Capital Step’s non-dilutive, permanent capital solution to avoid raising expensive equity. As a result, any subsequent increase in the business’s equity value accrues, in full, to existing shareholders.

This alignment of interests with owner-managers represents one of the core pillars of the Capital Step investment thesis.

Jonathan Schneider of Capital Step commented:

“We are thrilled to be supporting a dynamic entrepreneur in Nick, as he and the Admedo team continue to grow their exciting and disruptive business. The Company’s emphasis on transparency and a great user experience resonates strongly with us at Capital Step, whilst our non-dilutive solution means that existing shareholders maintain economic and strategic control. We look forward to an exciting new partnership.”

Nick Moutter, founding CEO of Admedo, had the following to say:

“Admedo are excited to be partnering with Capital Step; the model used is extremely innovative in the market and allows companies like Admedo to grow through a cash injection without cap table dilution. Equity is becoming more and more expensive for companies like us, so to have other options, such as Royalty Finance, really benefits founders and existing shareholders.”

May 2017, London, UK.

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