An efficient way to raise capital


Quick, Simple And Transparent

How does it work?

Our Approach

Efficient Process

Our process is quick and transparent, allowing management teams to focus on running their businesses rather than raising capital. We aim to complete an investment – from an initial meeting where we learn more about the business and its capital requirements, through to funding, within 6 to 8 weeks.
Single Agreement

Our due-diligence process is designed to be as efficient as possible and we typically only require 1 or 2 days on-site, thereby minimising operational distractions. Upon the completion of this process, a single agreement is signed between the two parties, after which funds are transferred in full.
Limited Involvement

Post funding, it’s “business as usual”. Capital Step does not get involved in operations. We simply collect our Royalty and/or Interest payment at the end of each month, with royalty audits taking place once every 6 months.
Capital Step’s innovative solutions offer a simple and effective way to raise capital.
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